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Excellent read, sir. Thank you.


Great read. There is no way to say who is right or wrong, but us skeptics are so often thought of as crazy that it's always nice to read that we are all still here and haven't been hit by lightning by the had of God.


Although I'm not an atheist, I wanted to say that this was a very well written article and I enjoyed reading it.


I loved the phrase "I sense an absence where many others sense a presence". Sometimes I have trouble explaining why I think the way I do, but this summed up a really tricky idea and articulated it in a way that I think a lot of people would understand, so thank you for that.


Isn't Atheism a belief system unto itself? Proving the existing or non-existence of (a) God is impossible. But that is the point. Whether you believe one exists or not, you are still believing something. To believe something without fact. That is faith. It doesn't matter if you believe in a God, or believe that there is no God (or believe there is a flying spaghetti monster). The point is that you believe and have faith ... in something. I would argue that Atheists have as much (if not more?) faith than Theists. I always find it puzzling that Atheists think they are without faith. When in fact they have a lot of faith. It's just faith in the non-existence of a God.

That being said ... I'm pretty much an Agnostic, so both Atheists and Theists think I'm wrong. :-D


I am an atheist and I'm not out to prove the non-existence of any god. Atheism is the lack of belief.(to Dsalinas1973) This was brilliantly written and was a joy to read.

Paul Elwork

Hi, everyone! Thanks for your comments and kind words. They mean a lot.

Dsalinas73: Thanks for the opposing view, but I don't buy the argument that atheism is just another religious position. It isn't, by definition. I also don't think anyone chooses atheism--or theism, for that matter--as capriciously as choosing to believe in a flying spaghetti monster. The whole notion seems to suggest that any wild claim should be treated as plausible. But you know what? If anyone tried to make Flying Spaghetti Monsterism illegal, I'd be screaming from the rooftops, because provided I don't have to hail He Who Swoops in Marinara, I say, whatever gets you through the night.


First Paul, what an amazing post! I've been an atheist all my life, but I'm always looking for new, reasonable arguments to prevent a discussion from becoming all screams and hurt feelings! Keep it up, this was great!

Dsalinas73: Whenever people say what you said, I respond with this amazing quote by activist Clark Adams:

“If Atheism is a religion, then health is a disease!”


I live in a country where it is possible for this to happen :-


(I particularly like the comment from Brian Cox).

I'm 40 now, but it it was not so many years ago, when, from the age of 4 had Christianity rammed down my throat by religious fundamentalist teachers.

I wasn't brave enough to express any doubts about God until after I left high school.

But I digress... Nice post and it's nice to know I'll have lots of company when I'm hell.

Paul Elwork

Mik (can I call you Mik?): Gervais had a great response along the same lines--that if atheism is a form of religion than light is a form of darkness.

PPCNI: I wonder if I can get the National Park Service here in the U.S. to post a sign outside my house that says I might be Batman...


Hi Paul :

Nicely reasoned article and the end point is lovely. I certainly do not mean to plug my own site for whatever imagined gain I may get. I simply wanted to afford you the opportunity to examine a different take on things. In my case it's a discussion of Christianity vs. Science. Some of it, you may agree with. Somehow, I hope you do.

You can read my take on things here:


and for part 2:


Let me know what you think.

Rachel :)

Sunnydays Atlast

Hi Paul,
I just came across this after meeting you on Skype at our Book Club meeting last month. You are an excellent writer and it was a pleasure to read this as was your book. You definitely have a natural talent and I could certainly see you turning this story into a book.

Once again thank you for the copies of The Girl Who Would Speak For the Dead and taking the time out of your daily life to Skype with us. We all enjoyed it tremendously!

Paul Elwork

Thanks, Lisa! It was a lot of fun talking with you and I can't tell you what your kind words mean to me.

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